Who We Are

CIRTECH Enterprises has two basic faces, one is construction, the other I’ll just call fabrication which includes machining, repair and even a little electronics.

We are a community consisting of family, friends and employees working together to bring honesty, integrety and value to the larger community we serve.

It might seem like some of what I do and post on here looks more like a hobbie than a business but consider this picture…

20150426_115200This is the first internal combustion engine that Henry Ford built, in his kitchen. One looking at this today might be tempted not to take it seriously. Looks a little like a hobbie, a hobbie that sent an unprecedented ripple through our entire culture.

My point is, I don’t consider it a hobbie. I am serious about the work I do and I am always learning and moving forward. As one friend put it, I am resourceful. If your looking for someone resourceful to help move your business or poject forward maybe I can help.

Thank you all for visiting.
Christian Benedict